Resolve Intelligence

Ecosystem Enhanced Functionality


Do you want to get more out of your Resolve data? Resolve Intelligence is an easy-to-use, flexible and functionally-rich Business Intelligence (BI) reporting tool for your Resolve and enterprise-wide data, delivering access to real-time reports, interactive dashboards, comprehensive analytics and mobile applications.

Resolve Intelligence’s intuitive platform enables you to report, analyse and present data in a range of formats, to help you identify trends and opportunities, and support fundamental decision making.

Resolve Intelligence provides a significantly lower total cost of ownership than other BI solutions on the market and an excellent return on investment. A 100% adoption by both IT and business users is assured through an easy-to-use and highly intuitive interface.



  • Gain new business perspectives on your information
  • Better understand customer behaviour
  • Realise unparalleled visibility throughout the enterprise by analysing the breadth of organisational data via a single application and portal
  • Lower the complexity of your reporting environment
  • Improve decision making on-the-go for executives or knowledge workers
  • Reduce resources and labour costs used for the collation, analysis and distribution of vital business data
  • Quickly visualise information by creating tables, charts and hyperlinks
  • Gain greater insight into exception reporting and bottlenecks at all levels
  • Help to set, measure and monitor progression towards benchmarks
  • High IT and business user adoption
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Excellent return on investment

Features & Capabilities

  • Incredibly easy-to-use for all user types
  • Easily integrated into your existing Resolve DCM system
  • Integrate data from a number of source systems
  • Full-featured ad hoc dashboard and report design environment
  • Report creation wizards
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop report creation
  • Drill down, drill through and drill anywhere functionality
  • Access to integrated Location Intelligence
  • View and explore information on-the-go using an iPad, iPhone, Android or Blackberry device
  • One-click functions such as table pivot, ranking and filters    
  • Instantly publish reports for end users to view, schedule, and share over the web
  • User access can be personalised based on the needs, roles, responsibilities and skills of each user
  • No knowledge of complex data structures or query languages is required
  • Audit services for compliance and performance monitoring
  • Wizard-driven metadata layer definition for ease of report creation
  • Filters and security rules at the metadata layer
  • Business-friendly fields representing relational or non-relational data

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