Dynamic Case Management


The Dynamic Case Management platform from Resolve leverages information, processes and people to provide a full view of all your cases. Design and deploy an application that meets your case processing needs, regardless of the complexity. With comprehensive building tools, advanced document management and a powerful business rules engine you can help your knowledge workers resolve cases more efficiently today!


Dynamic Case Management (DCM) solutions are knowledge-intensive and require knowledge workers to coordinate tasks, processes and services to achieve a positive outcome. They require a large degree of flexibility and adaptability to process the case.

DCM solutions combine workflow, content management, business rules and collaboration tools, which collectively allow for the completion of an entire ‘case’ or unit of work. Instead of following a pre-defined structured process, typical in Business Process Management, DCM enables users to adapt to changing requirements and define tasks needed to resolve or complete a case.

Every company follows business processes to ensure that work gets completed efficiently and effectively and to each organisation’s specific standards. These range from simple to complex, from automated to manual, and can be categorised as structured and unstructured processes. Emerging technologies such DCM deliver agile solutions that are quickly developed and deployed to support both structured and unstructured business processes, and are changing the way knowledge workers get work done.

The Anatomy of a Case


DCM solutions make workers more productive by providing a dynamic interface that delivers content within the context of the work that is done every day. DCM solutions integrate all of the information, data, tasks and documents within a unified work environment with a detailed audit trail and history of who has interacted with the case.


Resolve has been successfully implemented to meet a wide range of core business requirements within an extensive variety of organisations – in both the public and private sectors.

Whether you are a 3-person operation receiving a handful of enquiries each month; a government department investigating 5,000 public complaints a week; or a multi-national corporate organisation handling 800,000 customer interactions each year, Resolve has a DCM solution to meet your case complexity and budgetary needs.

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